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Cha-Ching! $$$

That Anaesthetist walked away with $935.00 after administrating an epidural within minutes

Some people may say… “hey! That is a lot of money for that simple and quick job, don’t you think?”

But many do not realize that it took the anaesthetist years of studying and experience to reach this level.

The mere minutes of execution was the result of his training and dedication to his specific skillset. No other medical doctors could do it better than him… Or rather, nobody else could do it other than him… if not, someone on an equal level.   

They are worth that much because they can deliver REAL results.  

The ‘Content Marketing’ term has been thrown around loosely these days. Being a buzzword, it tags along with a bunch of people who label themselves as “content marketing specialists”.

Don’t mix it with the SEO jargon, although content marketing involves a chunk of SEO elements. The main course for content marketing specialists is the creation of valuable content that is specifically designed to attract real people, and not just satisfy Google’s search engine needs.

The right content marketing materials can drive higher sales conversion, more leads, and enhance company branding.  

It creates confidence within your fans or customers, and it affects your prospects as well.

Who is a Content Marketing Specialist?

Let’s be clear: being a Content Marketing Specialist is not the same as being a ‘writer’ or a ‘published author.’ Despite the fact that writing is an important aspect of the work, a Content Specialist’s duty is focused on strategy and determining the best techniques for conveying a message to a certain target audience.

A Content Marketing Specialist, often known as a content creator, content strategist, content manager, material marketer, or simply ‘copyrighter,’ is a career that specializes in the conception and development of content.

It entails, but is not limited to, research, copywriting, proofreading, translating, and editing material for a variety of media. In recent years, the area has expanded significantly, making it an appealing business for writers, particularly in the digital sphere.

Most Content Marketing Specialists today are in charge of website copy, blog development, social media post-production, editing/proofreading of direct marketing campaigns such as email marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Unlike many other occupations, a Content Marketing Specialist frequently works remotely. As a result, the most fascinating aspect of this specific profession is that there is no such thing as a “normal” day.

For example, a content specialist may spend the morning conducting market research for a car dealer’s campaign and the remainder of the day developing the social media calendar for a construction firm. The next day, he could be editing a press release for a beauty company, writing an article for a ‘How To’ blog, and finishing the day with a short call to his graphics designer who is working on a digital advertisement.

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