How do you create consistency for every component of your marketing material?

A Brand Template.

It’s important for everyone in your company to have a copy of this, so that everyone knows what your company is about, and where it’s heading.

Why is it so?

Because it would create brand consistency for every marketing element crafted for your audience. If your participants aren’t educated about your company’s branding, all marketing efforts may go into waste.

Keeping brand consistency isn’t an easy task, it’s challenging. In this modern era, teams are becoming more tech savvy. As such, accessing the main document every time they craft marketing materials is becoming easy.

What does a brand template consist?

Overall, it’s an important document that includes the fine details about your business.

It includes:

Your mission and vision:

What do you intend to accomplish for your customers, and where would you like to be in the near future.

Description of your business:

What does your company do, and what are your values

Unique selling proposition:

How does your company stand out in one single sentence.

Your company’s personality:

Are you super professional or are you a fun and loving brand?

Elevator pitch:

How do you project your company in the best way within 20 to 30 seconds?


What are your company’s punchlines?

Visual elements:

What’s your preferred fonts, font size, colours and logo?


It’s important for ALL companies, big or small, to create their brand template.


You need to understand the concept of this document to fully appreciate the beauty of its importance.

This document will help you ensure that everyone working on marketing materials are on the same page with the same mindset.

Regardless of your departments, it’s ideal to share this documents with all your employees – so that they understand more about what you have to offer for the world.

With this branding template, it’ll help you to keep your brand consistent.

It’s been proven that a consistent brand may generate more than 20% in revenue.

And those are the core reasons why you MUST own one to steer your crew in the right direction.

Now, we’ve create this template for you to get started on your journey on branding.