What is the Common Website Design Price in Singapore?

The website design price packages range between $150 to $5500 – depending on your actual needs.

The crucial question is – why is there such a major price difference for website design price in Singapore?

The answer lies in the needs and understanding of website designs. There are many different ways to get a website up and running. It may only take a single day to “develop”, or up to a couple of months to create a full actual working site. Again, it all depends on the company/personal needs. 

From our experience, after working with clients, we found that the most important key – long-term cost element and return on investment.

Small Business & Mid-sized Companies – up to $5500

If your company falls within this sector, then it’s of importance for you to read on carefully. You will need a solid website that showcases your company’s branding and image. 

It’s like a physical storefront on the internet. You would patronize a better-looking shop to buy your clothing, wouldn’t you? Likewise, nobody enjoys shopping on a poorly designed website – not just the look itself, but also its usability.

Usually, these web wizards are not only able to create modernized websites – they are also well versed in website conversion techniques. Your visitors will be converted into interested buyers/customers.

Freelancers – up to $2000

The good/acceptable freelancers charge between $1000 to $2000 for web design. Again, it all depends on the requirements. 

Companies could usually get the customized designs that they desire. However, the turnaround time is not fixed. There are certainly higher risks involved for this option. 

Due to unforeseen roadblocks, the project may not even be completed at all. Support, on the other end, is also quite limited. 

Some of our clients have had bad experiences with freelancers. Most of them had to switch up to 5 freelancers to get their previous websites completed. 

It’s definitely one of the most excruciating pains in their business journey.

Do-it-yourself website – up to $350

Sure, the price itself is really enticing. It’s especially good for people/companies who are looking to get a “quick fix” to their web design needs.

Website automated designers, such as Wix, can pull you through without much technical knowledge. You may be able to get a fantastic website out of it. However, there are many hidden cons surrounding these platforms.

First off, you may get ads running on your website – which may irritate your potential customer. 

Secondly, there are no unlimited plans which severely restricts your website growth as you’re expanding. 

Thirdly, their inbuilt SEO tool is backdated without any regard to the other aspects of modern SEO techniques. 

The sites created on Wix platform are not transferable. It means that you will need to stick with Wix for life. 

Lastly, your website “design” is probably used by many other companies on the web – which limits your ability to stand out from the crowd.

Once your company outgrows the limitation of Wix, it will take some serious money to recreate the same design on another platform.


It’s crucial to review all options before you hire someone or any agency to work on your website. Every option has its pros and cons. Your specific requirement matters more than just a fanciful design.

Ultimately, your investment into your website is of utmost importance in today’s context. Your website is more than just an information center – it should have more capabilities.

If you need help, drop us a quick text, and we will have a short conversation to help you determine your real needs.