What is The Difference Between Content Writing and Copywriting in Digital Marketing?

Although both of them fall under the same digital marketing umbrella, there’s a fine distinction between them – discover them here.

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One of the most critical factors that businesses need to consider when it comes to digital marketing is the creation of content. This is because, without content, potential customers will not discover your business. In addition to search engine optimization, content also plays a vital role in various other digital marketing campaigns such as social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising.

Various forms of content creation are commonly used in digital marketing. One of these is content writing, but copywriting is also a part of this process. While both are used in the same way, they have distinct purposes. Before you start using digital marketing, it’s important to learn what makes content writing and copywriting different.

What is Content Writing?

While content writing is commonly used to promote a product or service, its primary purpose is to educate and entertain readers. This type of writing is not focused on driving sales. Instead, it’s focused on creating high-quality content that will be valuable to readers.

There are various forms of content creation that are commonly used in digital marketing, such as blog posts, white papers, newsletters, and articles.

What is Copywriting?

On the other hand, copywriting is the process of creating content that will convince readers to take action in response to a sales-related action. For instance, if you’re trying to convince potential customers that a product or service is worth buying, then you need to create compelling content.

Copywriting can be done in various forms including PPC landing pages, social media ads, product pages, website sales copy, and short message service ads.

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Before you start working on a new piece of content for a digital marketing campaign, it’s important to consider its purpose. While both copywriting and content writing are commonly used for different purposes, the former is focused on educating and entertaining, while the latter is designed to persuade.

Text ads are commonly used by businesses to encourage their potential customers to take action. Whether it’s on Google, Facebook, or Bing, these ads are designed to get their message across. On the other hand, organic website content is created to provide readers with a variety of educational and entertaining content.


One difference between copywriting and content writing is that the former often refers to an emotional response, while the latter doesn’t. According to a study conducted by Harvard, over 90% of consumer purchases are influenced by emotion.

Fear of missing out can compel people to buy a product as it can prevent them from getting disappointed. The rise of social media has also made people more likely to buy products they see advertised on their friends’ social media profiles.

In copywriting, the concept of FOMO is often used to describe a feeling of security and comfort. Other emotions such as pride and comfort are also commonly used to persuade readers to take action.


Unlike copywriting, content writing is usually focused on entertaining and educating. It requires longer content to reach its goal, which usually ranges from 500 to 3,000 words depending on the topic.

Although you might be able to write a couple of sentences, engaging and educating your readers requires a longer time.

Although short pieces of content can be entertaining, content writing should not be considered educational. It should be focused on the value that it can provide to readers. Having long content should be more valuable to readers.

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Correct Grammer

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to creating content is avoiding grammar errors. These errors can interrupt the thoughts of your readers and leave them without any choice but to stop. Readers will stop reading the rest of the article if they have encountered a grammar mistake.

Contrary to popular belief, copywriting doesn’t require the use of perfect grammar. Instead, it can be done by using an incomplete sentence or by using a combination of words that are not grammatically correct.

To avoid violating the guidelines of an online advertising site, you must condense your text ads into a coherent and easy-to-read format.

Search Engine Optimization

Regardless of whether you’re writing content for a blog or website, having high-quality content can help your site rank higher in search results. Having the right content can help boost search rankings and attract more traffic. In terms of search engine optimization, content writing is more effective than copywriting.

Aside from being more effective for SEO, content writing is also better because it offers readers high value. It doesn’t try to express commercial intent, and it’s long enough to provide readers with valuable information. Long-form content also tends to rank higher for various keywords, and it attracts more views.

Regardless of whether you’re writing content for a blog or website, having high-quality content can help your site rank higher in search results. For search engine optimization, content writing is more effective than copywriting. Having the right content can help boost search rankings and attract more traffic.

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Final Thoughts

Before you start writing content, it’s important that you understand the difference between content marketing and copywriting. Many factors go into creating effective online content, and it can be very challenging to find the right balance between both. Therefore, you must learn how to create content that’s both well-written and SEO-friendly.

However, the learning process is a steep slope. Becoming a good writer may set you or your staff back a few months. Getting help along the way is highly recommended.

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