"As a manager of company’s WordPress website, I’ve been blessed with WP Engine hosting. Their support guys have been fantastic - they’ve helped me with all kinds of technical issues thus far, and they’re really responsive. To add on, their answers are clear and precise. So the technical issues are always resolved very quickly. I highly recommend them to the others who are looking to sign up or change a web hosting provider."
~ Cameron Davis

Yes, we agree.

There are plenty of other cheaper web hosting providers with decent services.

But why do we still recommend WP engine for our customers?

Performance & Security

Equipped with 99.99% uptime, 24/7 support, and a 60-day money back guarantee – WP Engine is serious when it comes to web hosting.

WP Engine is a web hosting provider which put 100% focus on WordPress hosting. As such, their hosting plans are fully dedicated and optimised for WordPress, alone.

With WP Engine, your website will be “automatically” optimized with fast-loading feature and top notch security.

Of course, there’re other WordPress only web host provider, but we’ll share more about their key benefits that will impress you – shall we get started?

WP Engine has the following features which are useful and important for you:


Probably one of the most important facts for a web host provider. Speed.

WP Engine ensures that your WordPress site is fully optimized to impress.

It’s been tested for speed consistency thorough the world – and it rocks. With loading speed below 1.8 seconds on average, you won’t lose any potential leads due to frustration.


With businesses running longer hours online, 24/7 is really necessary nowadays.

However, WP Engine has taken a step further for you.

WP Engine has over 250 dedicated WordPress experts at your service whenever you need any help.

In addition, some of their experts are even in the top 99 WordPress influencer in the world!

You can rest assure that you’re in good hands if you ever need any assistance during anytime of the day.

Automated Migration

WP Engine comes with a Migration plugin tool which allows you transfer your WordPress site from other hosting plans. And it can be accomplished with minimal technical skills.

You just need to inout your credentials, and the migration plugin tool will do the rest for you.

Staging Sites

It’s a clone of your current live website for you to test out some new components before letting it move into “production” stage.

Staging sites are great for testing new features in a private environment.

But how does it help you exactly?

It helps you locate any errors or bugs for your new features. You wouldn’t want bugs on a live system, would you?


The moment you signed up with WP Engine, security is automatically taken care for you.

They’re able to shield you from harmful exploits, and provide you with top-notch security at every level.

Attacks could be identified and captured before they’re even initiated.

That’s the beauty, and power of behind WP Engine.

Offsite Backup

Backups are like insurance polices you buy to protect yourself against liabilities –  every year.

But what if I told you your insurance policies are being renewed everyday – automatically.

That’s what WP Engine does for you in the backend.

They help you perform daily backup for your WordPress to prevent any forms of hiccups along the way.

In short, your data will always be protected.

To bump it up further, your backup is being stored in different geographical locations to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

All your backup includes EVERYTHING from your WordPress site – from media library to system data.

In addition, WP Engine has disaster recovery mechanism to aid you as well. 


While WP Engine’s plans may seem expensive at first, but looking at their fine details enables you to differentiate them from the rest.

Impressive performance, support and security makes them an excellent choice for your WordPress website.

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous saying – you get what you pay for. 

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